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Inner Mongolia Finance and Economic College
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Inner Mongolia Finance and Economic College (IMFEC)

A Brief Introduction of Inner Mongolia Finance and Economics College


Inner Mongolia Finance and Economic College (IMFEC) was established in 1960. After more than 40 years of hard work, IMFEC has already become a college with financial and economic features in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Giving priority to economics and management among other disciplines of science, liberal art, law and engineering courses.


IMFEC pays more attention to undergraduate education, develops postgraduate education actively, emphasizes on professional training, vocational education and adult education moderately, meanwhile undertakes the program for training personnel on business management of enterprise in the region.


IMFEC consists of 12 departments, 6 basic course-teaching units. There are altogether 23 specialized subjects for undergraduate education and 6 specialized subjects for professional training education. Foreign Trade & Foreign language, Taxation, Finance, Business Management, and Accounting are the key majors of the college. Meanwhile, there are 8 scientific research institutions including the research Institution of Business Management, Finance Research Institution, Higher Education Research Institution, etc.


IMFEC now has more than 1000 faculty and staff members, including more than 500 full-time teachers, 70 professors, 150 associate professors and several foreign teachers. At present the student body of IMFEC totals over 15,000, including undergraduate students, professional training and vocational students as well as adult students.


In the 21st century, IMFEC will take the opportunity, keep abreast of our times, and make continuous progress. Now the new school site began to take shape, we have confidence to strive to make the university an open multi-disciplinary research university of high level, which is well known both at home and abroad.



Inner Mongolia Finance and Economic College


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NO.47, Hailar Road, Hohhot City Inner Mongolia China

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